F.A.Q. Magic Puzzles

How do I find my Market ID?

In order to find your Market ID please:

- click the Menu in the right upper corner


- choose My account


- copy the Market ID 


Please note: this is an example of how to find it, your actual Market ID consists of other numbers.


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    Faith Kuharsky

    I got an e-mail from Julia and went to link that was supposed to tell me how to give her info to get to my account. I paid for a year $106 and keep getting screens asking me to buy and can't get puzzles without going through too many hoops and ads.

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    Magic Puzzles Support Team

    Dear Faith, We're still awaiting your Magic Puzzles ID to check your account on our server. Please send the ID to our email support_mjp@zimad.com. Thank you.

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