How do I transfer my game progress to a new device?

Please do the following in order to transfer your game progress to your new Windows device:

Make sure that you are registered in the app itself on your old device.

Please tap on the Menu:


If you are logged in the app, on the Login page you will see your Facebook name you used for registration in the app. If you are not logged, you will see "Login with Facebook". In this case you need to register in the app to be able to transfer your game progress.

Please also make sure that you are logged in Microsoft store and in Magic Puzzles with the same Live ID you used for purchases. If you don't see this option, it means you are already logged in the app with Live ID.

After that use the same Facebook and Live ID to log in the app on your new Windows device.
All your progress will be moved automatically.

In order to restore puzzle packs:

Please note that synchronization of the app across devices with different OS is possible via Facebook only.

Unfortunately purchases like Gold deal or All inclusive can't be transferred to a device with a different OS, only to the same one. It's possible to transfer only Magic Puzzles VIP.

Please also note that some packs were created only for one platform and they can't be restored on a different one.

Started and created puzzles can't be transferred to a different device.




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    Judy Colgan

    75% of my puzzles are in black and white. Any suggestions would be helpful. I just bought a years supply. Thank you.

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