F.A.Q. Magic Puzzles

Account Info

Registration in the app allows you easily restore your game progress and all the purchases if the application has been uninstalled or installed on another device.

You can use Facebook name for registration in the app by choosing the corresponding option in the Menu =>My account

Market ID can be also found here:



You can also see your game statistics here:



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    Colin Samms

    Hi i keep getting a error (0x803f8001) or(Magic Jigsaw Puzzle is currently not available in your account here is the error code {0x803f8001} in case you need it see in store) how can i fix it this has only just happened today 18\01\2020 i hope you can fix it for me
    Kind Regards

  • Avatar
    Colin Samms

    i would be very happy to get it working again please

  • Avatar
    Augena Shenu

    I want to install magic jigsaw puzzles in my laptop for Windows 10

  • Avatar

    microsoft say i have no acount. a few day s ago i purchase puzzle in window srore Help

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