F.A.Q. Magic Puzzles

How do I play Quick Puzzles?

Packs marked with a pink ribbon and a clock on it are packs you can play in a special game mode "Quick puzzles".


They can be found under Quick Puzzles tab.


You can open each next puzzle only if you've got enough points. You can see the required amount on the hidden image.


While playing this game mode you always have only one piece of puzzle which you can connect. It can ALWAYS be connected to the ones already on the game screen. 

- If you play with a mouse, the piece is tied to it and you can place it right away by clicking the left mouse button where the piece should be placed.

- If you play on the device with the touch screen, tap the piece and drag it to the place where you think it should be connected. For your convenience the piece is a bit lifted over your finger, so you can see the image on it.

You can finish the puzzle with higher score and the corresponding amount of stars. To do so, try not to make mistakes and solve the puzzle as fast as possible. The less mistakes you make, the higher score you receive. The current rate of the correct connections and score are shown in the upper right corner.




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